HVAC Refrigerant

Without HVAC refrigerant, there would be no refrigeration, air conditioning, or freezing technology. Air conditioners and other cooling devices contain refrigerant inside of coils. The refrigerant then absorbs heat from indoor air and turns it from a low-pressure liquid to one that’s higher in pressure. It then becomes a low pressure liquid again as the cooling process is completed.

hvac refrigerantWe stay current with laws and regulations pertaining to refrigerant to ensure that your system or unit remains in compliance with applicable guidelines. If refrigerant needs to be replaced, it will have to be with a refrigerant that’s compatible with what your cooling equipment normally uses.

If you are experiencing a refrigerant leak, your cooling equipment can instantly become less efficient and effective. When you need refrigerant cleaning or have other issues with your refrigerant, we’ll provide the on-site service you need to restore the efficient operation of your equipment. We also provide preventative services to keep your refrigerant-dependent equipment performing optimally.

Do you have a chiller or condensing unit that’s more than five years old? Take advantage of our expertise and allow us to recommend a type of refrigerant likely to boost the efficiency of your unit.

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