About Pur-Vent HVAC Restoration Company

Led by president Henry Baker, Pur-Vent is a residential and commercial HVAC restoration company specializing in heating, cooling, and ventilation cleaning and restoration services in North Carolina. Our company is built on the simple philosophy that a clean heating and cooling system is an efficient HVAC system. For this reason, our approach to cleaning goes beyond just paying attention to ducts. Our trained technicians also give equal attention to other parts and components that play a role in producing clean, healthy indoor air.

Ultimately, our approach to home and business cleaning and restoration results in systems that operate more efficiency in every way, which often leads to a much-appreciated boost in energy efficiency. When energy efficiency is optimized, you’re more likely to notice lower utility costs and fewer system breakdowns.

HVAC Cleaning and HVAC Restoration Company

Who We Are

Based in Cary, NC, we’re a full serving heating and cooling cleaning company. Formed in 2011, we’re a licensed and insured business staffed by dedicated professionals sharing our commitment to providing top-quality service at reasonable rates.

What We Do

Our certified and trained professionals take the cleaning and restoration of HVAC components seriously. We clean entire residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. The key word here is “entire.” From grilles, cooling towers, and ducts to air handlers and condenser, no part that’s needed to produce clean, healthy air will be overlooked.

Our team is fully prepared to clean all types of heating and cooling systems. Whether the cleaning task involves a mobile home or a large commercial building, our technicians will get the job done. Our expertise in HVAC restoration and cleaning extends to:

  • HVAC mold remediation
  • Fire tube and water tube boiler cleaning
  • Kitchen hood cleaning
  • Selective demolition and building renovation prep

If you can’t remember the last time you had your home or business HVAC system cleaned, then it’s time to schedule a cleaning with Pur-Vent.

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