Boiler Flue Cleaning

A boiler flue is a pathway for combustible gasses so it’s very important to keep these maintained with a routine Boiler Flue Cleaning. It’s where these gases go as they exit other parts of your boiler. Most flues are galvanized steel, although the specific pipes will vary in size.

We clean all types of boiler flues to clear out accumulated soot and debris. It’s a preventative maintenance process that can result in more efficient boiler operations. A clean flue also reduces the risk of sending contaminants back down through your boiler.

Our boiler flue cleaning process starts with a thorough inspection of the pipe that carries the gases. If we see signs of bird or rodent droppings and other debris, then a careful cleaning is definitely called for.

Boiler Flue Cleaning

Our technicians will follow manufacturer’s guidelines while using effective cleaning methods to safely remove dirt and debris from your boiler’s flue. Some boiler flues have bends or curves that will require special tools and techniques. Fortunately, we’re prepared for all situations.

Generally, it’s best to schedule a boiler flue cleaning at least twice a year. You may want to make it more periodic if you use your boiler year-round.

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