HVAC Coil Cleaning

HVAC Coil cleaning is a necessary part of good residential HVAC system maintenance. Primarily, this is because it’s coils that manage the transfer of heat and bring indoor air down to the desired temperature when used for cooling functions.

When cooling coils are dirty, they’re not working as efficiently as possible. This may not seem like a big deal, but it can have a significant impact on your level of comfort if coils are coated with dust and accumulated dirt.

A general lack of maintenance with the coils commonly used in residential HVAC systems can also hinder airflow and make your system work harder. This often translates to higher utility costs.


HVAC Coil cleaning

What Can Pur-Vent Do?

During a routine duct cleaning, we’ll clean the coils in the various parts of your HVAC system (both indoor and outdoor parts) using a vacuum. We may also use high pressure air washing with a light cleaning. If deep cleaning is needed, we’ll use power sprayers and chemicals when it’s appropriate to do so.

Note: It’s not always possible to adequately clean coils without disassembly.

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