Cooling Tower Coating

Extend the life of your cooling tower with our cooling tower coating. Our technicians will apply a coating that’s sometimes referred to as a cooling tower sealant to protect the interior and exterior parts of your towers.

Cooling tower coating

Interior Cooling Tower Coatings

A cooling tower coating is a cost-effective way to seal and eliminate leaks within your tower’s interior surfaces. Consider having a coating applied for this purpose if you’re noticing signs of corroding, rusting, or leaking in the interior of your cooling tower tank.

Exterior Cooling Tower Coatings

Epoxy coatings can be applied to the exterior surfaces of your cooling tower. It’s also a process that can eliminate rust and corrosion.

Inside and Outside Applications

While we can apply a coating to either the inside or outside of your cooling tower, we recommend applying a coating to both he interior and exterior surfaces. It’s an approach to preventative maintenance that can provide added protection against leaks and similar damage that occurs with normal use.

Our cooling tower coatings can be applied to many different cooling tower systems, including chilled water tanks, ice storage tanks, packaged towers, collection basins, and distribution decks.

When it’s time for a fresh coating, contact Pur-Vent.

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