Air Handler Services

Many HVAC systems are made up for several different components and parts and getting air handler services for your system are an important part to keeping your system running. Any one of these parts may contribute to problems with your system’s performance if not properly maintained and cleaned. One of these critical components is the air handler.

air handler services

Basically, an air handler is a large metal box that contains several components, such as your system’s blower, the heating and cooling elements, dampers, and filter racks or chambers. It’s the air handler that distributes conditioned air throughout your interior spaces and returns it the air handling unit.

Because there are so many important parts within an air handler, regular cleaning of these components can affect how well your system operates. Faulty blowers, bad electrical components, and dirty and damaged coils are some of the issues that make an air handler less efficient. Our air handler services include:

  • Air handler cleaning
  • Air handler coating applications
  • Air handler maintenance


It’s not always easy to know if an air handler needs repaired or if it’s not operating as expected because the various parts within it need to cleaned. Our experienced technicians can assess the condition of your air handler to determine what services are appropriate.

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