Air Handler Cleaning

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), cleaning is “highly recommended” or airflow control devices, heat-exchange coils, and other parts of air handling equipment like Air Handler Cleaning. The NADCA also stresses the importance of regular cleanings to prevent restrictions, blockages, or contamination deposits that may affect performance or contribute to airflow degradation.

Air Handler Cleaning

During a cleaning, we’ll thoroughly clean the unit casing to restore the insulation, when necessary. As air handlers age, they often become less efficient and more susceptible to needed repairs. Part of the reason for this is typically a lack of regular maintenance. Our detailed cleaning process also involves:


  • Replacing worn or damaged gaskets
  • Cleaning the cooling coil
  • Cleaning filtration equipment and air blowers


With cooling cools, in particular, we use a newer, chemical-free dry coil method. In many instances, excepting physical damage can restore your coil back to a like-new condition.

For an added fee, we can make arrangements for a third party TAB company to do a before and after pressure drop test on the cooling coil. The purpose of this test is so you’ll be able to see how much dirt we were able to get out of your air handler.

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