Boiler Cleaning

Boiler cleaning typically involves two types of tubular boilers that are commonly used commercially — firetube and watertube boilers. Most commercial buildings (e.g., schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, etc.) use firetube boilers. While most watertube boiler cleanings are done in-house, our crew can also handle these cleaning duties.

boiler cleaning

Firetube Boiler Cleaning

With a firetube boiler, the tubes are surrounding by water as hot gases travel through the tubes. What results from this process? A lot of soot and scale deposits! Regardless of whether you use gas, oil, coal, or wood fuel, these tubes will need to be professionally cleaned. If they are not cleaned, fuel is wasted. Plus, soot has five-times the insulating capacity of asbestos! Our technicians use powerful vacuums to clean the tubes meticulously.

Watertube Boiler Cleaning

Most watertube boilers have tubes that are more vertical than what’s in firetube boilers. Scale is formed when water is heated. The amount of scale that forms will depend on the quality of the water that flows in the system. We can recommend a water treatment program to help minimize scale deposits between cleanings.

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