AC Mold Removal

Mold can show up almost anywhere in the home, including your air conditioning unit which warrants immediate ac mold removal services. When mold spreads and invades your ductwork the spores can quickly proliferate in other areas of your HVAC system and in your home. This is when people will start getting sick if it is not taken care of and will only get worse the longer they are exposed to it.

There are many things that can cause mold to grow in your house like a leaking roof, broken pipes, high humidity and poorly ventilated bathrooms are just a few examples of conditions that can cause mold. When you are dealing with mold specifically in your air conditioning unit, the problem is almost always more extensive if it has gotten to the point of growing in your unit, it is most likely growing elsewhere in your system too.

With air conditioners, condensation is a byproduct of daily operation. Air conditioners are built with proper condensation drainage. When the drainage system is overloaded or not functioning properly, your air conditioning unit itself could be the cause of mold developing in your system and the ducts.

If you think there could be mold present in any part of your HVAC system, you’ll want to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Mold grows and spreads quickly, so the problem will literally become worse every day.

Diagnosing Mold

If mold has infiltrated your duct system then one of the first things you may notice is the musty smell associated with the presence of mold. If you happen to smell this then you should grab a flashlight and start checking your vents.

One of the easiest access points is by to remove the air conditioning filter. This will give you enough room to get your head up there and take a look. Be sure to wear eye protection and a respirator, as breathing in mold spores can create a health hazard. Even if you don’t see visible signs of mold, it’s still a good idea to call in a professional to do some tests.

HVAC System Mold Removal

There are a variety of ways for you to remove mold from your HVAC system. These methods can include mechanical and manual brushing which is used to dislodge the mold for removal via wiping with chemicals and vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum.

In more serious cases, chemical treatment could be needed once the larger instances of mold are removed. This will help eliminate that musty odor and help prevent the mold from returning.

Can I Do the Job Myself?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, It’s not a good idea to try to handle any type of mold issue without professional help. Most homeowners don’t have access to the specialized equipment necessary to properly and safely remove mold.

Accessing all parts of an HVAC system’s ductwork is impossible for the vast majority of homeowners. If ducts are not properly cleaned, they can be damaged easily. Furthermore, if even a little bit of mold is left behind, it can quickly spread, rendering all that effort useless.

There’s also the issue of safety. Mold spores can cause serious health problems. This is especially true if you dislodge these spores while trying to clean your vents without the proper safety rated facemask.

Who Should I Hire For Mold Removal?

In most cases, it’s always a good idea to hire a mold removal contractor. However, when it comes to your HVAC system, it’s a little different.

A good HVAC contractor will have the specialized tools and equipment needed to properly clean out ducts without causing any damage. These professionals know how a central air conditioning unit functions and how to properly clean and maintain every element.

Many licensed, bonded and insured air conditioning repair contractors are also certified to safely handle and remove mold, making such companies the perfect choice for mold removal.

AC Mold Professionals

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