Heater Cleaning

Be proactive and not reactive when it comes to heater cleaning and maintenance. While some homeowners may think changing a filter is all that’s necessary to keep a heater clean, there’s more to the job than that.

heater cleaning

Our approach to cleaning extends to inside parts and the ducts and vents that transport and distribute heated air. If you need reliable residential heater cleaning, look no further than Pur-Vent.

When you call on us for a cleaning, we’ll go through each of the components of your equipment to check for signs of wear and tear. We’ll also clean all of the parts that are regularly used to heat air and send it where it needs to go. The attention to detail that goes into our home heater cleaning process includes:


  • Using powerful vacuums to get deep-down dirt and debris
  • Checking the condition of the parts that need to work well to prevent dirty air from circulating in your home
  • Properly removing and cleaning internal components to perform a thorough cleaning
  • Testing your heater to ensure that it’s working at maximum efficiency


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