Commercial Air Duct Coating

Commercial Air Duct Coating can help avoid the possibility of having to replace damaged ducts? We have a solution for you! Instead of replacing ducts, breathe new life into with a high-quality commercial air duct coating. It’s a cost-effective way to revive ducts that are showing signs of wear despite being in otherwise good condition.

Commercial Air Duct Coating

Our process begins with a detailed inspection of your ducts. We’ll use the results to determine how to apply a coating that will likely properly and safely restore the condition of your ducts. Your ducts will then be cleaned to eliminate rust and other debris.

We perform an inspection to establish a solid foundation to complete the repair process that includes applying a coating. After cleaning and sealing all areas of deterioration, a protective coating will be applied.

For Renovations, our trained technicians will restore your existing ducts back a like-new condition on the inside. It’s a process that can prevent older or worn ducts from contaminating newer parts of your system. If your duct is lined, we’ll coat it with an anti-bacterial coating that will resurface it to a like-new condition.

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