Cooling Tower Cleaning

Scaling within a cooling tower can restrict the water distribution of spray nozzles so routine Cooling Tower Cleaning is recommended. The result is often a reduction in water flow that eventually limits airflow within the tower. This is just one reason to take advantage of the cooling tower cleaning services offered by Pur-Vent. If you’re starting to see a diminished cooling capacity and inefficient operation of the equipment on your cooling tower system, it’s time to schedule a cleaning.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Our cooling tower cleaning process includes draining the tower and cleaning the hot deck. We’ll also inspect and clean the fan housing, the basin and the sump, and the fill inside and out. We also carefully and safely vacuum to remove cooling tower bacteria, like Legionella and other micro-organisms, form cooling tower basins that could end up in the air breathed by anyone inside of your commercial building.

As for how often you may need to schedule a cooling tower cleaning, it’s recommended that cooling towers be cleaned and sanitized at least annually for ones used seasonally and twice per year for systems operating throughout the year. We can suggest a cleaning schedule that’s right for your system.

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