Air Handler HVAC Coating

Pur-Vent specializing in all aspects of cleaning and restoration including air handler HVAC coating services for your home or business. The application of an air handler coating can be a smart way to extend the life of your air handling unit with little disruption to your daily operations.

Don’t take on the high costs of equipment replacement when your existing air handling units may have decades of serviceable life ahead of them.

air handler HVAC coating

Air Handler surfaces will be prepared for coating first. Any previous coatings and flaking corrosion materials will be removed or eliminated. Our technicians will also repair any damaged areas, as needed prior to a coating application.

We’ll contour the prepared surfaces as needed. Doing so can prevent liquid pockets from forming on flow surfaces. Additional coating applications may need to be applied, depending on the specific design and condition of your air handler. Equipment will also be sealed off from adjacent duct work during the process to prevent coating systems from getting into your ventilation system.

Applying an air handler coating is a good way to avoid the expense and hassle of equipment. When done right by our trained technicians, a coating application can make your handler operate as if it were new.

Contact Pur-Vent today to see how an air handler coating may revive this important system component.

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