Cooling Tower Services

A cooling tower is a special type of heat exchanger that works by bringing water and air together to lower the temperature of hot water and we cover all your Cooling Tower Services. Whether you have 100-ton tower or a 1000-ton one, our technicians are prepared to handle your specific cleaning needs. Regardless of your cooling tower’s manufacturer, we can provide the right parts, make repairs when necessary, and determine the most efficient way to get it clean.


Cooling Tower Services

Our top priority is to get your cooling tower safely cleaned and thoroughly inspected within your schedule to so can enjoy the many benefits of efficient operations. We can also install replacement parts or help you select a new tower if the existing one can no longer be effectively cleaned, maintained, or repaired. The cooling tower services we provide include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Cooling tower cleanings
  • Application of cooling tower coatings
  • Cooling tower repairs


Expect the expert technicians from Pur-Vent to arrive promptly when any of our cooling services are needed, and efforts will be made to minimize disruptions while working. We’ll also recommend a cleaning schedule that’s appropriate based on the type of cooling tower you have in place.

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