Air Duct Anti-Microbial Spray

Rid your home of unpleasant odors with Air Duct Anti-Microbial Spray. While this special application isn’t always necessary, it’s a process we often recommend if there are visible signs of mold or other odor-causing contaminants in your ducts or vents. It’s a step that accomplishes two things — it helps get rid of potential health risks and it eliminates bothersome odors.

Air Duct Anti-Microbial Spray

What Do Anti-microbial sprays Do?

Anti-microbial sprays work by eliminating the odors often associated with mold, mildew, and bacteria. These sprays can also help minimize distracting odors from sources such as animals, cigarette smoke, cooking, and even spoilages.

Complete Cleaning and Spray Application

Complete cleaning will be done prior to the application of Anti-microbial sprays. We only use products listed by EPA for use inside ductwork.

About Spray Applications

In many situations, anti-microbial sprays can be very effective when combined with a complete cleaning. But we do have some advice about some other situations. If you have a mold and mildew contaminated fiberglass ductboard or lined metal ductwork, the recommended solution is total removal and replacement. When this isn’t an option for homeowners, we can clean the affected duct and apply anti-microbial sprays. However, this is a temporary fix.

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