Our AC Cleaning Company cleans the whole-house AC, a split system, packaged central AC, or window units, a good cleaning is a great way to get more efficiency out of your AC. . This is just one reason why you’ll want to have your home air conditioning unit or system professionally cleaned by the trained technicians at Pur-Vent. AC that’s not working at maximum capacity also makes your system work harder, which increases your odds of experiencing a breakdown — usually at an inconvenient time.

ac cleaning company

Breathe Easier

Cool air on a hot day may feel good, but it may not be so good for it if it’s filled with invisible particles that can get into your lungs. A professional AC cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of all parts of your air conditioning system, including:


  • Air conditioner coils
  • Cool fins
  • Condensate drains
  • Filters
  • Indoor and outdoor components

We recommend annual AC cleanings in the spring just before you get ready to start using your air conditioning again. It’s also an option worth considering if you’re noticing less efficient cooling or a drop in indoor air quality in your home.

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